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Meet Olivia

As a NCAA Champion gymnast at the University of Alabama, I learned dedication and perseverance to health and wellness. After years of dreading the hours I’d spend killing myself in the gym, I took my first

music driven workout class and it finally clicked

how much fun fitness could be!

I soon realized my best results

came from fun mood boosting workouts

I actually looked forward to! This revelation

inspired me to create the Olivia C Fit method:

photo oct 05, 1 07 11 pm.jpg

fun, approachable, and effective

online workouts made for anyone at any level. 

photo oct 05, 12 38 33 pm.jpg

My goal with these classes is to leave you feeling strong, toned and mentally energized. Start your day off with a killer beat-driven workout where the energy is high and the smiles are contagious! With daily commitment to my fiery workouts, I’m confident you’ll see results instantly!

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