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  • Monthly AND Yearly subscription options for
    Olivia C Fit Stream

  • Individual and Curated Class Packages for
    Purchase or Rent

  • Gifting of Streaming to friends, family,
    coworkers, etc. 

  • Higher quality video streaming with
    responsive design so you can stream the
    same high quality content on the web,
    phone or iPad

  • Plus so much more!

I am bringing you live classes

geared to strengthen, tone, and

energize your body.


Start your day off with a killer

beat-driven workout where the

energy is high and the smiles

are contagious!


With daily commitment

to my fiery workouts,

I’m confident you’ll see

results instantly!

Instant access to all workouts from Olivia

Check out a sample of the classes you will receive access to, with new classes added daily!

oc fit press

Check out our new PRESS tab to read more about Olivia, the OC Fit Philosophy, and the OC Fit Streaming Platform!



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elizabeth lyons reily

“Before Olivia’s workout, it was hard for me to get excited about going to workout! Her positive energy and enthusiastic vibes helps me to push through and get in shape. It’s a perfect balance of Pilates, cardio and sculpting! After only a few classes, I feel stronger, look fitter and am now loving working out! Whether I am on the road playing shows and streaming or working with her in person, I always look forward to it and feel it the next day!”

emilie moseley

"I was never interested in consistently working out until I started Olivia’s classes. They are fun, go by quickly and are so effective. I started working out with her and got in the best shape I’ve ever been in prior to getting pregnant. Having a strong core from her workouts, made my pregnancy and delivery so much easier. Now that I’m working out again postpartum, I have been able to see results so quickly. With the virtual classes, I can easily do them at home while my little one naps. She has transformed my body, my perspective on exercise and my mental health. Working out is no longer a burden but something I look forward to!”

hannah kalozdi

"Before I started Olivia C Fit I was running everyday 6 to 8 miles. I have been running my whole life and I was not seeing any results. I switched to Olivia C Fit and I am finally getting the results I wanted! Within just a few months my body is really changing! It’s a great, fun workout that produces total body results! I am obsessed with these workouts!"



Want to work out with me IRL?

Purchase a Park Pack or buy a single session! 

Classes are added weekly, so check out the schedule below

can't wait to sweat with you!

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